Opening Day Optimism: 2017 Edition

Opening day is a beautiful day for all baseball fans. We hold hopes, and possibly some ignorance, that our teams will snag a division title, a pennant, or a World Series championship. We at least expect we will be able to watch games that matter in September.

The Angels weren’t good last year. Today, though, we imagine, hope and expect this year will be different.

I’m feeling optimistic about the 2017 Angels, and there have been some positive expectations in many pre-season write-ups. So, with hopes of enjoying baseball in October, here are reasons to look forward to the 162 games in the meantime:

  • Mike Trout — No duh, amiright? Just get him on the field for 155 games and it amounts to 10 extra wins. And really…he even made games last September interesting to watch.
  • Manufactured runs — The most disappointing thing for me when Josh Hamilton was signed was the seeming intent to field a team that tried to slug the ball out of the park in a stadium that isn’t so friendly to slugging it out of the park. Nor is that the style that has brought success to Mike Scioscia. This season, it looks like a roster more geared for Scioscia style baseball. More speed. More hit and run. More extra bases taken. More fun to watch.
  • Defense — You could drop me at third base on this team, without a glove even, and the rest of the defense would make up for my lack of fielding. Same goes for Yunel Escobar.
  • Depth — The Angels haven’t had a bench like this for a few years. They couldn’t overcome injuries, especially last year. This year, they should be in okay shape with some games missed here and there.
  • So many arms in that bullpen — Let’s not pretend that the Angels trekked back from Tempe with a run squashing bullpen. But they’ve taken chances on a lot of second chance type guys. A lot of them. If even a couple work out, they might be able to eat up some innings until Cam Bedrosian does his thing. They can’t all wash out can they?
  • Mike Trout — No duh still, amiright?

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